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Social Media Aspirin™

Not Currently Available for Purchase

About Us

Hi there! We are not currently accepting new memberships. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Social Media Aspirin™ was created to help writers and authors get some pain relief when it comes to social media!

If you suffer from hashtag headaches, Facebook fever, or Insta irritations, we're here to alleviate those symptoms.

We're an interactive community that focuses on helping writers and authors learn how to use social media effectively and how to incorporate it into building the all-important platform. 

Here you can learn what you need to know, share social media challenges and wins, interact and connect with others who write what you write or live where you live, and get support as you navigate the digital space.

But wait, there's more...

(BTW, you too can create memes like this for your social media)

Why You Should Join and Get Pain Relief

Skyrocket Your Social Media Success with Expert Instruction

Join our Pain Relief Learning Labs. Learn what works, what doesn't, the latest in social media, how-to tips, and actionable steps writers and authors can take for social media success. Sessions are content-heavy!

We have daily expert tips and motivational moments, weekly accountability to help you get stuff done, and weekly Q&A sessions where members get their most burning questions answered by SMA™ Founder and Chief Aspirin Dispenser, Melody Jones.

Early Access and Members-only Specials

Get early access to exclusive videos, announcements, products, books, and online and real-world events before we share them on other social channels. You get members-only pricing and some of it will even be free to you - but not to non-members!

24/7 Access to Community and Commiseration 

We figure we're all in this social media thing together! Connect with other writers and authors as they too navigate the world of social media and platform-building. Swap stores, share experiences, and get ideas around our shared mission.

Opportunities for 1:1 VIP Coaching

SMA™ Founder and Chief Aspirin Dispenser Melody Jones will host a monthly random drawing of all members, and winners will get one hour of free one-on-one expert coaching on using social media and building your platform, hosted on Zoom. This is a value of $250. 

Members have access to coaching specials at members-only pricing. Watch for announcements!

Expert Guests, Member Spotlights, Giveaways, and Swag

Melody hosts a variety of subject matter experts such as graphic artists, book designers, tech gurus, publishing experts, PR and marketing experts, and successful authors who will tell their inspiring author journeys. Guests will offer exclusive, only-for-members specials sure to reduce your pain.

As our community grows, Social Media Aspirin™ will spotlight a community member every week. Tell your story and get seen. We want to know all about you. Watch for an announcement with the details.

Win stuff! We host giveaways and contests for fun stuff, useful stuff, events, and SMA™ swag.

Speaking of swag... We're developing Social Media Aspirin™ swag and members will benefit. Stay tuned!

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